Hot New Product alert, now at the Indy Flute Shop: The Win-D-Fender!

If you have done any amount of outdoor playing, you’ve been there: you’re all warmed up and ready to play, you take a deep, full breath to play your first note, and…nothing. You find yourself competing with anything from a light breeze to a cold evening wind to attempt to get a sound out of your flute! No matter how much you blow, the wind just seems to suck the air right out of your instrument before it has the chance to make a sound.

Win-D-Fender is the solution to a problem that has affected flute players for centuries: Wind silences the flute. Whether playing outside concerts, marching band performances, or wedding gigs on the beach, wind is a verifiable nightmare for flute players. Win-D-Fender solves this problem once and for all.
Lightweight and comfortable, Win-D-Fender installs easily, and safely secures to the flute, shielding the lip plate from all directions while not interfering with the player’s air stream. Win-D-Fender’s ventilated design helps limit condensation, while enhancing sound projection so the flute may be heard outdoors like never before. In addition, Win-D-Fender reflects the sound back to the player’s ears, providing a personal acoustic monitor, so flutists may hear themselves better even under ideal playing conditions.

I’ll admit that when I first started receiving calls asking for this product, I was a bit skeptical. Then I learned that it received the School Band and Orchestra Best in Show product award at the 2019 NAMM Show! The NAMM Show, held every year in Anaheim, California is where the best and brightest in the music industry meet to check out new products and share new ideas. I have been lucky enough to attend several of these shows, where I have tried innovative products such as the LeFreque and other must-have products that I now carry at the Indy Flute Shop. I unfortunately did not make it to the showroom floor to try the Win-D-Fender last year—I was 6 months pregnant with my daughter and needed to conserve my energy! But thankfully, I started getting so many calls asking for this great product that they are now in stock and ready to sell!
Let the flutes be heard, with the Win-D-Fender!

Check out this awesome video of a flute being successfully played in front of a leaf blower, simulating 110mph winds!