“School’s out for summer!” That phrase seems so nebulous these days, doesn’t it? What has school looked like for the past 3 months? What is “out,” exactly? And what is summer, and beyond, going to look like for us? There are still so many uncertainties that we face, but we here at the Indy Flute Shop and Paige’s Music want to make sure that your instruments are well taken care of over the summer as you practice and prepare for whatever next school year may bring. For many of you, summer is the perfect time to get your instrument serviced, so here is some information on how to go about getting that done.

One option to get your instrument repaired this summer is to simply visit our showroom in Indianapolis and drop your instrument off. We are also still offering curbside service. You will leave your instrument with our knowledgeable repair staff, they will contact you after a brief quarantine period with a free, no-obligation repair estimate if  you do not have a rental or service policy with us, and most repairs are completed within a week. Loaners are free if you are renting from us, or you may rent one for a nominal fee. We have a Straubinger-certified technician on staff for instruments with Straubinger pads, and our highly trained woodwind technicians are some of the finest in the Midwest. We also have a limited number of advanced-level loaner instruments that are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so be sure to call or email Erin to request one. Please note that we do not currently have loaner piccolos.

If you live out of town and are part of one of the hundreds of school programs that we serve throughout the state, we have an option available for you as well. From now until June 15, our district managers are visiting a central location for your student’s school at a specified date and time for you to drop off instruments to be repaired and pick up loaners that have been previously requested. Please note, you must request a loaner the day before we make our weekly delivery to your student’s school area. Also keep in mind that due to COVID restrictions, the school we visit may not be the school your child attends. To schedule pickup of an instrument, view our current delivery schedule, and request a standard loaner, click here. After June 15, our district managers will be moving to their summer schedule. Rest assured that we work with our school’s directors to ensure that necessary visits are made to best service your area. Visit the link above for the most up-to-date information on school visits. As always, feel free to call or email Erin with any questions, and have a great and safe summer!