Azumi flutes has been making dependable, professional sounding step-up flutes at a great price point for years. Azumi flutes feature professional handmade Altus headjoints. This combination allows you to get the great playing characteristics of the legendary Altus flute brand at price great for middle and high school students.

The Indy Flute Shop has a limited number of the new Azumi AZ3BOP flute available. This flute features a beautiful rose gold lip plate and crown on its incredible Altus Professional .925 Sterling Silver Z-Cutâ„¢ Headjoint. Not only does it provide a rich tone, it also is incredibly stylish! This instrument is available for outright purchase AND on the Indy Flute Shop rent-to-own program. Stop by today to trial this fantastic instrument!

Open Hole, Offset G, B Foot, Gizmo Key, Altus Professional .925 Sterling Silver Z-Cutâ„¢ Headjoint, Rose Gold lip plate and crown, .925 Sterling Silver Body, silver-plated keys and mechanism, Altus-Bennett Scale, wide rib construction, French-style pointed key arms, stainless steel springs, French case and cover