As our lifestyle of quarantining and social distancing drags on for another week, I’ve really been looking for the silver linings whenever I can. I am so thankful for continued employment for myself and my husband, the chance to be home with my daughter (who just turned 1–where has the time gone??), and finding new ways to connect and share music with others. In that spirit, I wanted to share some of the online events that I’ll be tuning into this week from amazing artists and industry professionals. All of these streaming events are free and open to the public, and you can either watch them live or view them later on their respective social media platform.

Mimi Stillman: Tea and Mimi, Tuesdays 4pm Eastern Time, Facebook Live
Those of you have been following me for a while know it’s no secret that Mimi Stillman is a favorite of mine. Aside from being an absolutely flawless flute player, she is so kind and knowledgeable. Tuesdays at 4pm, she is presenting a “Tea with Mimi” concert series from her home on her Facebook page, playing a wide variety of solo pieces, from Bach to her own compositions. I will be posting the live video on the Indy Flute Shop Facebook page when it begins, so be sure to tune in with me and enjoy one of the industry’s finest performers.

Haynes Flute Nerd Sessions: Headjoint Cutting with Aiven O’Leary, Wednesday 1:30 Eastern Time, Facebook Live
I have been lucky enough to visit the Haynes Flute facility outside of Boston twice, and each time I have been amazed at the detailed work that goes into every aspect of flute making. It is so fascinating to see the time and attention that each piece of the instrument takes, and it really helps put into perspective the value of the instruments that I sell. Aiven O’Leary, general manager of Haynes Flutes and headjoint maker, will present a session on headjoint cutting, the difference between the types of headjoints that Haynes offers, and will answer questions about anything headjoint-related. This will be broadcast on Facebook Live as well, and I will be posting on the Indy Flute Shop Facebook page. You can also check out past Flute Nerd sessions, covering care and maintenance and different flute materials, here.

Yoga with Karen Moratz: Fridays 1pm Eastern Time, Instagram Live
Karen likely needs no introduction, but here is one summed up: long-time Principal Flute of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, Professor of Flute at Butler University, yoga teacher and practitioner, and dear friend of mine. We are so lucky to have her in our musical world here in Indianapolis, and she has been gracious enough to share her yoga practice with us during this time on Fridays at 1pm, broadcast on Instagram Live. To view, simply visit The Yoga Studio’s Instagram page (@indyyogastudio) and click on the profile picture, which will show as “Live” at the start of the session. A link to this will also be posted on the Indy Flute Shop Facebook page.