Something new in the Indy Flute Shop–the just-released Trevor James Rosewood piccolo! If you’re looking for a free-blowing wood piccolo that stands out from the normal offerings, you’ll definitely want to come give this a try. It’s unique both in looks and feel, and it’s at a great price to boot!

This piccolo is made of rosewood, also known as mopane, wood, which provides a sweet, colorful and resonant sound that projects well. The headjoint is incredibly responsive and is cut by English maker Andrew Oxley. This piccolo is the perfect choice for anyone looking for an upgrade piccolo suitable for university, college, or for any orchestral/solo playing. The headjoint also has a wave style, reformed embouchure hole to give added focus to the sound along with tonal warmth and freedom of dynamic range.

It is not always easy for flute players to transition to playing the piccolo, so the Trevor James wooden piccolo has been designed with ease of playing and quality of sound production as its primary focus. I don’t anticipate this awesome instrument will be in the shop for long–make an appointment to come check it out today!