The National Flute Association annual convention, held in beautiful Salt Lake City this year, starts on Thursday, and unfortunately I will not be attending this year. My daughter was born in April and I have just returned to work, so making the trip just wasn’t in the cards this year. I’ve been having some serious FOMO (fear of missing out, for those of you not up on the lingo) looking at the convention schedule this year, but thankfully as a member of NFA I will have access to documents and presentations after the convention is over. Here are some of the sessions and performances that I look forward to gleaning information from next week:

Wonder Women: Celebrating Our Strength Through Music
Chamber Performance
Come hear music emphasizing the beauty and power of women’s voices, celebrating the works of female composers. Performed by flutists Cristina Ballatori, Erika Boysen, Brook Ferguson, Mindy Kaufmann, Virginia Broffitt Kunzer, Naomi Seidman, Naomi Senzer, Lindsay Leach-Sparks, Kelly Sulick, and Audra Ziegel.
—because who doesn’t need some girl power in their lives?

Transforming Artistry: The Legacy of Joachim Andersen
Follow the trail of Joachim Andersen through St. Petersburg, Berlin, Scheveningen, and Copenhagen. Kyle Dzapo presents her new film and joins John Thorne and Dianne Frazer in performances of some of Andersen’s unknown treasures.
—I grew up playing Andersen and am looking forward to learning more about one of our composers of the month

Emerson DeFord Tribute
Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Emerson DeFord will be honored for his contributions to flute making and the flute industry.
—expect to hear a lot about this flute-making legend, who hails from Elkhart and is receiving the Lifetime Achievement award this year

Exhibitor Showcase: Gemeinhardt, Introducing the Greg Pattillo Flute
The Greg Pattillo Flute Signature Closed Hole C Flute was created to Greg’s specifications with the adult amateur and aspiring professional in mind. Hear Greg perform on it; Gemeinhardt artists Ali Ryerson and PROJECT Trio join him.
—some really exciting news from Gemeinhardt, an often-requested feature that has been unavailable until now

Exhibitor Showcase: Verne Q. Powell Flutes, Inc. “The New Sonare 905!”
The affordable 2019 Powell Sonare 905 features smooth mechanism, resonant projection, and tone quality. Powell Artist Nancy Stagnitta will use it to perform the Ibert Concerto.
—I am in line to get one of these beautiful new instruments!

Exhibitor Showcase: Gemeinhardt, Peter Verhoyen, world renowned piccolo player, joining the Gemeinhardt/Roy Seaman family!
We are proud to announce that Peter Verhoyen will be joining Gemeinhardt as an official artist, representing the Roy Seaman Piccolo. Mr. Verhoyen is the principal piccolo for the Royal Flanders Philharmonic Orchestra. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience and we look forward to partnering with him to continue creating the finest piccolos in the world. You won’t want to miss Peter and his birds!