I really hope you enjoyed the little break from my “normal” blogging schedule for me to share our Paige’s of History spotlights that have been in the works all this year. I totally nerded out with this project and got back to my academic and writing roots–and discovered that being on camera is kind of fun, too! Now that the series is finished, it’s time to look ahead for what’s coming for the Indy Flute Shop.

First of all, our website is getting a makeover! We have been long overdue for some changes to our site, including online ordering and photos of accessories available for purchase, Look for those changes to hit within the next 6 months or so (hopefully sooner!).

I am also working on a series of “Two-Minute Tips” that are geared towards helping flutists through all levels of their playing journey. Subjects will range from basic (how to assemble your instrument) to more advanced topics for growing players. These videos will be emailed to current customers and posted on all social media.

We’re still celebrating our 150th anniversary all this year, so look out for other exciting events and promotions as the year goes on. We’re all feeling hopeful here as the pandemic slowly makes its way into our long-term memories, and we can’t wait to host live in-person events again! Stay tuned!