One of the best parts of my job is the fact that there isn’t just a cookie cutter approach to buying a new flute–everyone has their own preferences, sound quality, and budget. My job would be a lot more boring if there was just one perfect flute for everybody! We offer a wide variety of brands to suit every player, and if you’re looking for some serious brand recognition along with a deep, rich, powerful sound, you’ll definitely want to check out the Haynes/Amadeus family of flutes.

William S. Haynes and Co. Haynes is one of the oldest flute-making companies in the world, and their workshop has been based in Boston since the 1880s. The Haynes company has a rich history of fine instrument making for over 125 years, establishing their business by making a copy of a wood flute at the request of a member of the Boston Symphony. Brothers William S. and George Haynes made these wood flutes by hand themselves for the first 10 or so years of the business, as well as a solid gold flute with silver keys. By 1912, they grew to the point of needing a separate showroom and factory, which were both based in the heart of Boston. In 1913, William patented a new method of drawing toneholes that revolutionized their flutes and the way they responded; these methods are still used in all handmade Haynes flutes today. By the 1940s, silver flutes had outpaced wooden flutes in popularity, but silver became scarce during World War II. The Haynes company responded by acquiring a government contract, making parts for war machinery while still making high-quality flutes for military ensembles.

Today, Haynes is owned by Eastman Music Company, which is led by flutist Qian Ni, who had a long-time interest in the classic Haynes sound since he was a developing player. Ni re-introduced the Haynes Classic series, an approachable conservatory-level instrument that hearkens back to the classic handmade Haynes flutes manufactured in the mid-1900s. He also pioneered Haynes’ step-up line, the Amadeus series, which come with a Haynes Classic headjoint. Following the same system of manufacturing as our Q Series, the Amadeus flute invites the intermediate flutist to seize their potential and ‘Love their Sound’. The Amadeus headjoint is designed to provide a stable foundation to channel a growing flutist’s confidence for those seeking increased sophistication and dynamic range.

The Indy Flute Shop has instruments available in the Amadeus and Haynes Q series line, so be sure to keep them in mind when you are shopping for your forever instrument!