Wow, what an amazing past week it has been! I’m sure that all of you saw the big news about Fluterscooter coming to visit, and we were lucky enough to have Karen Moratz, principal flute of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, be able to secure the use of an organ at North United Methodist Church for her to showcase her unique talent of playing flute and organ at the same time! It was such an amazing experience to see live and in person, and the live stream has now been viewed more than 1,000 times! If you didn’t get a chance to see it live, check it out on our Facebook page here:

One of the most fascinating parts of what Fluterscooter had to say at her in-store clinic is that she has always tried to forge her own path, rather than do what everyone else has been doing. She started out thinking she wanted to be an orchestral performer but quickly realized that that particular path wasn’t for her, so she immediately started thinking of ways that she could explore new musical territories, whether it be through learning unique world flute instruments, selling ice cream, or being the first flute player to perform with hologram technology. These unique ventures took her to New York City, where she recorded tracks with hip-hop artists–which is also where her nickname “Fluterscooter” was coined, as she rode around town on a Vespa scooter with her flute on her back! She also traveled to Tokyo, which is where she learned about the hologram technology; she was actually there not for anything musical originally, but to invest in an ice cream market! Her common theme throughout all of these adventures was to always be exploring something new, something that no one else was doing.

One lucky attendee won a tan canvas Fluterscooter bag. Thank you Jean for coming, and to all of our attendees for coming to hear this amazing and unique performer! Stay tuned to our page as we document her next adventure!

Members of Butler University’s flute studio with Karen Moratz and Fluterscooter, modeling the new James Galway gold bag.

Winner of the tan canvas bag, Jean!