I’m super late to the podcast game, but during COVID lockdown in March and April, I found myself needing to keep my brain active while I was home with my daughter. I’ve enjoyed subscribing to podcasts related to motherhood, food, lifestyle–and flutes, of course! I wanted to share a few of the best flute-related podcasts that I have enjoyed listening to lately. Whether you are a performer, student, or amateur, you can definitely find something to interest you with these.

Flute 360
The Flute 360 podcast “incorporates a panoramic view of flute-related topics” from Dr. Heidi Kay Begay, a self-employed teacher, flutist, podcaster, and non-profit organizer. The episodes are educational in nature and cover a range of topics from tech equipment setup for recording, to military musicians, to interviews with well-known performers. https://heidikaybegay.com/

Talking Flutes
Talking Flutes is hosted by the duo of Clare Southworth, Flute Professor at the Royal Academy of Music London and Jean-Paul Wright, Managing Director of the Trevor James Flute Company. They share their insights from their unique and different perspectives in the flute industry, offer advice on looking for your next instrument, and have tons of interviews with famous flutists from Jasmine Choi to Greg Pattillo. https://flute.podbean.com/#

Flute Unscripted
Hosted by the Flute Center of New York, Flute Unscripted includes candid conversations from industry leaders and top performers and get some “insight into their lives, passions, struggles, and hopes for the future.” https://flutecenter.com/pages/flute-unscripted

The Flute Talk Podcast
Hosts Amelie and Nik are two flutists trying to make sense of all that is music, culture and of course the flute. With over 40 years of musical experience between them, they answer your questions and talk about all things flute, from practice routines to audition tips. https://www.youtube.com/c/theflutechannelonline/about