Greetings from the Indy Flute Shop! I truly hope all of you are staying safe, healthy, and (mostly) sane as this highly unusual time trudges on. Personally, I’m holding on to the fact that this too shall pass—and it will! Life will return to normal. We will be able to visit friends and family, participate in activities, and make music together again. In the meantime, I wanted to share some more “back to basics” tips for keeping your flute in good working order, especially during this time.

Sometimes when flutes come in for repair, the issue is due to improper assembly and disassembly. The tenon, or the area where the instrument pieces go together, is a thin piece of metal and can be bent or broken with repeated misuse. In the video below, one of our woodwind technicians, Steve “Sarge” Grimes, shares some flute assembly tips on how taking a flute apart improperly can damage the tenon joint over time.

If you missed the post a few weeks ago, make sure you are properly caring for your instrument after playing with these basic tips on caring for your flute.