Wow! I am so happy and grateful to everyone who tuned in to our virtual event Tuesday night with Karen Moratz. It was so great to see everyone watching from all over the country and engaging in great discussions. We will definitely be hosting more of these types of events, so stay tuned. There was a ton of information that was given out, so I wanted to unpack everything in one central location. Below are all of the links that were discussed during our chat.
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Musicians of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra

Karen’s (NEW) Yoga studio page
YouTube: Suryasta Yoga

COVID Studies
University of Colorado study page
Be sure to view July 13 as well as more recent results

University of Colorado study round 1 results video
University of Colorado study round 2 results video
Researcher talks about flute results:

IDRS: 4 infectious disease/aerosol experts

Texas Tech University Viral Spread Mitigation in Flute Playing currently underway, no info available yet

Mixing/recording technology/miscellaneous
Koechlin Sonata for 2 Flutes