Trills galore

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Erin Nichols
 October 3, 2017

Happy October to all! This week’s blog post compiles some great resources for trill fingerings, from the simple to the complex. Many thanks to Jen Cluff, flute teacher and blogger extraordinaire, for this list!

1. A free “how to get fast fingers” pdf by Jen, that includes an enlarged version of the Mark Thomas one page trill chart on page 17 of the free pdf. This is a rather large file.
Note: The Mark Thomas trill chart is from the 1970s, but it is still the best all in one fingering and trill chart for students. Accurate and easy to read.

2. The Woodwind Fingering Guide
This is a user-compiled, online alternate fingering guide for all kinds of flutes.
For C-flute, flute trill charts by octave

3. Extract of Delaney Flute Teaching Guide; Just the fingering and trill pages
Note: The entire Delaney Teaching Guide is an interesting read, but you may only want his trill chart, above. If you want the whole book, use the link below instead. and edit it, as out-of-date info. is given from the 1950s!

4. Armstrong color one-page trill chart

5. Best black and white trill chart for printing: Mark Thomas:

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