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Erin Nichols
 December 19, 2017

Are you shopping for a favorite flutist in your life? The IFS carries several accessories that range from simple to stylish! For more ideas, just read on…

One of the most popular accessories for flute players who are looking to improve their hand position is the Thumbport. The Thumbport attaches easily to the body of the flute, directly under the pointer finger on the right hand. It is made of a smooth rubber material, so there is no worry of scratching or scuffing the silver finish. The device features a small notch that is meant to provide some extra support for the right hand thumb and help guide the right hand into a better position–what I like to call the “pop can” hand, if you can envision the shape that your hand makes when holding a can of your favorite delicious carbonated beverage. In addition to being very helpful in developing better hand position, the Thumbport also comes in a variety of different colors, complete with a little satin carrying bag.

If your student has been playing for a couple of years, you may notice that their cleaning supplies are getting a bit…well, worse for wear. There are a variety of cleaning supplies available in the shop to help keep your instrument clean and shiny. From polishing mitts that sport “I Love My Flute” to silk swabs to Pad Savers and cleaning rods, you can be sure that your student’s flute is immaculately maintained. I have several colorful ProTec bags in stock; for those of you who follow my blog, you remember how pretty they are! And of course, who can forget Fluterscooter bags!! These stylish, designer bags are the perfect Christmas gift. They are so fun and come in a variety of colors and materials, from minimalistic canvas to shiny, sparkly purple and silver. I may or may not own two of them myself!

And don’t forget–it’s not too late to upgrade your student’s flute in time to put it under the Christmas tree! Call or email Erin to find out how to purchase or rent a step-up flute.

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