Galway Crusader headjoint by Gemeinhardt

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Erin Nichols
 August 30, 2016

One of the highlights of my trip to NFA this year was seeing the official release of something so exciting and revolutionary to the flute world: the new Crusader headjoint, designed and tested by Sir James Galway himself! Even though he still plays concerts internationally, Sir James says that his passion now lies in music education – and that is the legacy he wants to leave behind.
He says, “I consider myself a crusader. That’s what we want to do. I’ve spent all these years in the battlefield, so to speak, and now I want to teach these kids how to fight. Music gives you an extra colour in your education, when kids are learning music at school, it gives them their own voice. More importantly than that, it teaches them comradeship, the importance of playing together and pulling together to make moments of great intensive beauty.”

Wow, right?? The Galway Crusader C1 model headjoint kicks off the series with a design Gemeinhardt carefully constructed to Sir James Galway’s exacting specifications. Through the latest technological advancements, Gemeinhardt is able to replicate the headjoint design for each and every headjoint produced. The inconsistencies of the hand making process are taken out of the equation, and the flutist’s expectations for high quality sound production are guaranteed in every headpiece. The specs include: a sterling silver standard wall, a lip plate and riser of a proprietary mix of sterling silver and platinum. There is an evenness throughout every register, responsiveness, quality of sound and intonation.

And guess what–I have one in the shop to try! Stop in and try the Gemeinhardt Artisan or the 33S series flutes with the new Crusader headjoint today!


  1. Alan Marks |

    I WANT ONE!!!!! Please let me know how they are available.

    • Erin Nichols |

      Hello Alan! I would love to sell you one of these awesome headjoints! They are available for purchase either with a Gemeinhardt flute or separately, and we are offering special pricing on them right now. Give me a call at 317-813-2044 or shoot me an email at to talk more! Looking forward to it!

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