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You get what you pay for: piccolos

I did something I knew I would regret the other day: I went to Amazon and searched "piccolo." No brand name, no price specifications. As I expected, a plethora of inexpensive instruments in an array of colors and finishes greeted me, promising great sound and...

Curved head flutes

This topic is one from the archives, but with updated information! When most flute players think of curved headjoints, they think of alto and bass flutes. But did you know that curved headjoints are available on regular C flutes as well? These instruments, designed...

Emerson DeFord

At the National Flute Association convention in Salt Lake City this past August, the 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to master flute maker and entrepreneur Emerson DeFord. Many aspects of the flute that we take for granted today, particularly on student...