If you’re in the market for a new piccolo, I’ve got some great news for you! Debuted at the January 2020 NAMM show in Anaheim, the YPC 87 piccolo from Yamaha has some really exciting new features that are hard to find on a piccolo at this price point. Best of all, the Indy Flute Shop is on the list to get one in on trial!

Yamaha describes their new piccolo as extremely agile across all registers, moving effortlessly through the octaves. The tone is bright and cheerful but still keeps the deep resonance for which Yamaha piccolos are known, thanks to a thicker body wall construction. The instrument scale is accurate throughout the registers, and dynamic control–particularly soft playing– is excellent, even at low and high registers. Perhaps the most exciting upgrade of the YPC87 is the addition of Straubinger pads, the unmatched leader in pads for clear response and accuracy. If you’re not familiar with Straubinger pads, read up on their unique construction here.

Yamaha also debuted a new, more square headjoint cut for this piccolo to improve articulation clarity and response. It is available with a regular or wave headjoint, always a popular feature with the piccolos I sell here. Lastly, it features sterling silver keys, posts, and rings. Price $3,999. Be watching the Indy Flute Shop social media pages for this lovely instrument to make its debut in the shop!