Well, as quickly as it began, summer is over–or at least almost over–for many of us here in Indiana! It’s hard to believe that as of next week, many metro Indianapolis school systems are back in session. For many of you, that means it’s time to begin the exciting journey of starting your student on an instrument for beginning band! Since the IFS is part of Paige’s Music, and I get so many calls asking about beginning flute rentals this time of year, here’s a helpful guide for how to navigate this time of year.

First, find out if your school’s beginning band program is serviced through Paige’s Music. We serve around 450 schools all over the state of Indiana, so chances are, we come to you! During the normal school year, one of our District Managers visits your school once a week to deliver purchased items and pick up instruments in need of repairs and maintenance. Do this, go to www.paigesmusic.com, click on the big red button that says “click here to rent online,” and start typing in your child’s school. If you do not see it, give us a call. You may need to complete a rental application in store.

Second, decide what kind of instrument you want to rent for your beginning flute player. Most parents choose the default option of renting a beginner flute. If you want to go this route, simply follow the rental instructions above online, choose flute, and follow the easy instructions to complete your application online. There are several benefits to this: beginner flutes are less expensive, come with a durable case (you never know what may happen in a crowded band room!), and all rental payments go towards either purchase of that instrument OR an upgrade at a later time to a better quality instrument–that’s where the Indy Flute Shop comes in.

That being said, some parents choose to start their student on an intermediate instrument, particularly if they have shown a lot of interest in it. There is really no disadvantage to this, and an intermediate instrument will be appropriate for your student for years to come, saving an upgrade trip later. If you choose to go this route, you will need to complete paperwork with Erin in the store. Any questions? Give her a call!