This week, we are happy to feature one of Indy’s finest: Straubinger Flute Company, maker of fine flutes and world-renowned Straubinger pads. David Straubinger and his son, Joel, are the makers of very fine, handmade instruments, which are only available for purchase directly through the company. In addition, their pads are known and used worldwide in the finest handmade and semi-professional flutes in the world. Their design is often imitated, but never equaled.

The Straubinger pad consists of different materials and components than a traditional pad. The patented pad and washer are machined to close tolerances, one at a time, on a high precision lathe, which churns out thousands of pads per day and tested for accuracy. Within the pad cup, a stabilizer and a washer unit serve to ensure that the pad closes at precisely the same measurement each time. There is also a support cushion to prevent shrinking of the pad covered by two skin layers to help protect the cushion and seal out moisture from the body of the pad.

Of the instruments that are currently available at the Indy Flute Shop, the Miyazawa is currently the only brand to feature the original Straubinger pads. The Yamaha semi-professional line, which is currently eligible for a $100 rebate, is available with Straubinger Phoenix pads, which are designed for greater durability for the developing student. Straubinger pads can also be added to most flutes; contact Erin for more information.

For more information about Straubinger flutes and pads, please visit