The Indy Flute Shop is already proud to offer competitive pricing on all of the instruments that we carry, but every once in a while we like to offer a deal that’s even better than our every day low prices. Right now, we are offering a special closeout deal on our Powell Sonare 505 models–and we only have two left, so take advantage of this offer soon!

The Powell Sonare 505 is a great hybrid instrument between an intermediate and semi-professional level. The body is a durable, silver-plated construction with drawn tone holes, pointed key arms, and a B foot joint. The headjoint is a Powell Signature level, with a hand cut tone hole and constructed of sterling silver. These instruments also come with a split E mechanism, providing a greater flexibility and clarity in the high register.

Our sale price on this model is so low, we can’t even publish it online, so give Erin a call to discuss price and payment options! This deal is available until the two 505 models are gone, so make an appointment to stop by and try these great instruments today!