Hello friends! We have some really exciting news for you this week. As in years past, Yamaha is featuring their “Graduate to Yamaha” promotion for the second quarter of this year (April 1-June 30th) for qualifying instruments. In previous years, these have included the professional-level 500-700 series flutes, as well as wood piccolos. This year, in addition, they are adding the intermediate line to the promotion, for a $50 mail-in rebate! If you’ve been thinking about “graduating” to a better flute, now is a great time.

Yamaha intermediate flutes have been a staple of the Indy Flute Shop line-up for years now, and with good reason. These instruments are a perfect mix of durability, dependability, and easy responsiveness of playing. They feature a sterling silver headjoint (300 series) or a sterling head, body, and foot (400 series) as well as a gold-plated lip plate and headjoint interior. These instruments also feature French pointed key arms and a split E mechanism at a very competitive price point. If you purchase or rent one of these instruments from now until June 30th, you will receive a $50 mail-in rebate Visa gift card from Yamaha.

Inheriting the many merits of top-of-the-line Yamaha handmade flutes, these models offer rich, nuanced tonality over a wide dynamic range. The 500 and 600 series combine the brillance of nickel silver with the characteristic mellow timbres of sterling silver, while the 700 series delivers warmth and expressive color that only the finest silver flutes can provide. All models come with hand-finished headjoints based on the Type A headjoints supplied with the 800 and 900 series handmade flutes. The keys feature traditional pointed key arms, reflecting the highest level of craftsmanship and adding visual elegance to these outstanding instruments.

A long-time favorite of professional musicians, the YPC-62 can be found in many top orchestras worldwide. Characterized by excellent intonation and playability. It features a nickel silver headjoint and body of carefully seasoned grenadilla for a warm full tone. The “Wave” cut headjoint (YPC-62R) offers a very gratifying response and a wider dynamic range.

The professional series and piccolos qualify for a $100 mail-in rebate Visa gift card from Yamaha. We have all of the instruments listed above in stock! You have plenty of time to take advantage of this offer, so call or email the shop for more information!