How many of you have been sitting in a rehearsal or practice session, especially those of you who double on piccolo or another instrument, and feel like you’re performing a balancing act with your flute on your lap? Or you’ve found yourself setting your instrument on your chair, or–heaven forbid–the floor? There is a better solution! Flute stands are an inexpensive and easy way to keep your flute safe and secure during a rehearsal or practice.
The IFS carries two styles of flute stands: a 3-leg model with a larger base, and a 4-leg model with a smaller, more compact base. They are similar in price and provide the same functionality. We also carry a piccolo stand that is helpful for people who double on both flute and piccolo. These stands are made by Konig and Meyer and are durable and inexpensive.
For those of you who double on other woodwind instruments or auxiliary instruments such as alto flute, there are other options available; these usually include a larger base with interchangeable pegs to fit different woodwind instruments. These are not normally stocked in the shop, but can always be special ordered.