Many of my customers have lots of questions about what kind of warranty or protection is included when purchasing a flute or piccolo from the Indy Flute Shop, and rightly so! Purchasing or renting an instrument is a big investment, and we want to make sure that you select the option that is the most convenient for you, as well as the best use of your money. Here is a breakdown of our options here at the shop:

Renting to Own
Our RTO program is our most comprehensive option when it comes to protection for your instrument. Available for both beginner and intermediate-advanced flutes, this option covers just about anything that could possibly happen to your flute. Dropped in marching band? No problem. Stolen at school? Heaven forbid, but it does happen, and with a police report, we will replace it with the same instrument type. Run over by a school bus? It happens!! We’ll take care of it, at no additional cost to you. The RTO program does require a credit approval and in-store paperwork, and payments made on a beginning instrument can transfer over to a step-up flute. See the store for details. After an instrument is paid off, there are options for purchasing similar coverage through our ASP, described below.

Annual Service Policy
Our ASP is another great option for customers who would rather purchase an instrument outright, rather than make payments. The ASP is still far-reaching as far as what it covers; however, it does NOT cover intentional damage or loss/theft. When a customer purchases an instrument through the IFS, I generally recommend that for additional (and usually quite inexpensive) coverage, customers add their instrument as a rider to their homeowner’s insurance. This is a very straightforward process; most insurance companies will just ask for the replacement value of the instrument on company letterhead, which we can always provide. ASP prices range from $95-$135 per year and, again, do not come with any deductible or additional charge for any necessary repairs.