I have been doing some comparison shopping for a customer, and I field quite a bit of questions about them, so our topic for the week: bass flutes! In the past 5 years, I have seen an explosion of music–both band/orchestral and flute choir–written with bass flute parts. These wonderful instruments can be a bit hard to find, so I have included a list of the most popular ones.

Since its creation, the Altus Bass Flute has established a solid reputation for reliable performance among artists and students alike. The consistent performance qualities of a balanced tone throughout the range has contributed to building confidence with flutists who choose to play and recommend these larger instruments. The hand crafted Altus Bass flute has received particular praise for its truly superb scale, even tone color, and unique timbre. This instrument is silver plated with a sterling silver lip plate and riser. It is the most expensive of the bass flutes that I am able to order, starting at $8,700.

The Gemeinhardt 21BSP bass flute is an excellent option for flute choirs and soloists alike. The keywork is designed for ergonomically correct hand positions, and the headjoint is great for beautiful sound creation, articulation, and ease of response throughout the registers. This instrument is oriented toward the enthusiastic student who wishes to expand their tonal palette or specialize in the warm and wonderful world of the bass flute.Featuring a silver-plated headjoint, body, foot, and keys, D and D# trill keys, and ergonomic hand positions, the 21BSP also comes complete with case and case cover. It is also available in the “Black” series, featuring a beautiful dark nickel plating. This instrument starts at $3,199.

The Jupiter JBF1000 Bass Flute establishes a new standard in performance quality. An unprecedented value, it llows more players to expand their skills and repertoire. The ease of playability and craftsmanship of the Jupiter JBF1000 Bass Flute are hard to beat at this price. Ideal for the flute choir or school music program, it produces a wonderfully projecting and focused sound as well as solid intonation. Jupiter’s tube construction, comfortable key design and precision mechanisms contribute greatly to the beauty and warmth of Jupiter’s classic tone quality. This flute starts at $3,739.

Trevor James
The Trevor James bass flute is an excellent addition to the range. The hand finished 925 silver lip and riser headjoint enables the bottom register to project freely without compromising the top octaves which can be reached with ease and clarity. Excellent tonal color and dynamic facility combine with soldered tone holes, French style pointed key arms and a well designed mechanism to create a superb and exacting bass flute. Comfortable as a solo performer or in a flute choir, the Trevor James bass flute is handmade to exacting standards without compromise. This instrument starts at $3,595.

Please note that all of these instruments require a special order and may have a lead time of 1-3 months minimum. Please call or email Erin at the shop with any questions!