This is your brain on music

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Erin Nichols
 November 3, 2015

If you follow our parent company, Paige’s Music, on any social media network, you know that we have been sending out daily truths about the importance of music education in children’s lives. Most of us have heard the studies about how music makes you a smarter, more adjusted, better performing (no pun intended) individual, but how many of you have stopped to really wonder why? This is a question that I am always interested in, since my Bachelors degree is in Psychology, and the amount of information out there is fascinating.

Whenever a human is performing a certain activity–anything from reading to sleeping to performing a musical piece–different parts of the brain are more active than others. Scientists can use imaging to see which areas are more active. And guess what?! They have discovered that when playing or listening to music, practically EVERY area of the brain is exploding with activity! Watch this incredible video to see this in action:

Not only does the brain literally light up at the response to music, but it has also been shown that music helps train the brain to become better at certain processes, such as understanding and interpreting different sounds that we hear. This can help with everything from memorization (musical or non-musical) to understanding words. This fascinating article has more:

The conclusion? Keep playing music, and keep encouraging the children in your life to do the same!

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