Summer Time Maintenance

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Erin Nichols
 May 27, 2015

Hello, all! It’s great to be back from the Big Easy. Thanks to Jeremy, our Retail Sales director, for his wonderful musings on summer time playing last week. I wanted to elaborate on that subject some and give some tips on summertime repair and maintenance—especially prudent for those of you who are about to start summer marching programs!

Woodwind instruments, including flutes, are very sensitive to temperature and moisture changes, and these should be avoided whenever possible. Take care not to leave your instrument in a hot car or any other area will the temperature will reach much beyond a comfortable room temperature. Wood and plastic piccolos are especially important to keep from temperature extremes, as they can crack and become unplayable. Moisture extremes are also very important to avoid, as high humidity levels can damage the body of the instrument, causing the metal to swell and shrink. The pads of the instrument are the most susceptible part of the instrument when it comes to moisture; anything from failing to properly swab out your flute after playing to humid indoor environments to (yikes!) marching in the rain can cause the pads to swell, retain moisture, and ultimately fail.

Marchers—never fear! Paige’s Music is well-equipped to handle all of your marching instrument needs, and flutes and piccolos are no exception. I do not generally recommend using a step-up flute on the marching field, but Paige’s does have beginner-level instruments available to rent or purchase at a slightly discounted rate for use as marching instruments. These also have the option of a service policy, which is highly recommended, since costly repairs can add up quickly over the course of the marching season.

For more information, or to schedule summertime maintenance on your flute or piccolo, call Erin at 317-813-2044.

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