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Erin Nichols
 April 5, 2016

Many of you will remember that back in January, I was fortunate enough to attend the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Convention in Anaheim, California. One of the things that is so great about these conventions is that it gives me a chance to connect with my brand representatives who help me provide the best instruments in the Midwest, and also to see the exciting things that are happening next in the world of flutes! This year, two of my step-up flute brands, Amadeus by Haynes and Yamaha, announced some exciting changes to their intermediate flutes.

Amadeus by Haynes has traditionally been known for a very unique sound: one with more depth than the bright, Japanese-style sound, with just the right amount of resistance. Amadeus flutes come standard with a professional Haynes Classic handcut headjoint, designed and perfected by a professional who handcuts all Haynes headjoints. In keeping with that same philosophy and also taking into account feedback from both teachers and students, Amadeus re-designed the Haynes classic headjoint to be a bit more free-blowing and less resistant.

Both Amadeus by Haynes and Yamaha have also added another exciting feature: French-pointed key arms that come standard on the step-up models! I have written before about the benefits of this formerly professional-level key construction–they do more than just look pretty! (Though that is a nice feature, as well). While this used to be a feature only found on higher-end flutes, both of these companies have created innovative designs with their step-up models to help students advance even further in their musical careers. Stay tuned for more information and availability of these instruments!

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