Powell Aurumite Signature Headjoint

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Erin Nichols
 August 21, 2018

Some more exciting news for the shop: we just received an exciting addition to our Powell line, the Aurumite-clad signature headjoint! This headjoint is available as an upgrade to either the Powell Sonare intermediate line or on a Signature handmade flute, both of which are in stock here! This material was introducted at the NFA convention a few years ago, and I have found it to be an affordable yet quite effective upgrade to either of these instruments.

Powell’s concept for making this fusion metal was to put a flute tube of one precious metal inside another. The inner “tube” would be made of a relatively dense and expensive precious metal compared to the other tube. The patented process accomplishes this by metallurgically bonding sterling silver and 14k gold to each other while each is still in sheet (or flat) form. The resulting laminated sheet is then cupped and drawn into flute tubing just like most other flute tubes are made. The version of this fusion technology which has become most popular over the past four years is Aurumite.

According to Powell specialist Hannah Liuzzo, the 9K rose gold on the exterior of the KT headjoint offers qualities that are both visually and acoustically unique. Since gold is a denser metal than silver, the addition of gold to any component of a flute offers a warmer, darker tone quality. Gold also has the tendency to offer more resistance, which is a highly desirable trait for very powerful players. Flutists can put a great deal more air into the headjoint before the sound “cracks”. And besides that, it looks amazing! I just love the look of rose gold, especially mixed with silver. Take a look at these beautiful pictures, and give Erin a call to stop in and try it today!

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