New shop!

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Erin Nichols
 June 27, 2017

Hello from the brand new Indy Flute Shop! As you have probably heard by now, there have been some major changes happening at Paige’s Music, and we’re so excited to finally share the first peek (well, unless you’ve already been to see us) inside the new showroom!

Isn’t it lovely? More space (including a separate office!) and more flute storage and display options are just a couple of the things you’ll notice right away. Here are a few of the exciting things that are still to come:
-LED cabinet lighting to really make those flutes sparkle!
-acoustical panels and ceiling tiles–these were specially designed to be flute-specific, so playing in the shop will sound SO amazing!
-headjoint and piccolo storage in our fancy wall cabinets–meaning I’ll also be able to carry a wider variety of headjoints.

Have you stopped in to see the shop yet? Be sure to come by or make an appointment soon!

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