We often get asked if we do appraisals on instruments here at the flute shop and Paige’s Music. The short answer is no, we do not have a certified appraiser on staff. HOWEVER, many times an official appraisal is not needed to determine the replacement value of your instrument. Read on to find out more.

Popular Brands and Models

The closest unofficial appraisal we can do is on a brand and model that we currently carry. We would ask that you either bring the instrument to our store or send it in with one of our District Managers on their weekly visit. We would then have our repair staff evaluate what kind of repairs it would need (if any) and then we could tell you what we would sell that instrument for if it were part of our inventory. This process would give you a market value of what the asking price might be for your instrument if you were to try and sell it on your own.

Brands and Models We Don’t Carry

If your instrument isn’t a brand and model that we carry, then we could still have our repair shop evaluate it for repairs, which is always good to know when selling an instrument. However, we would have a harder time giving you a good idea of an accurate selling price. We do, however, have access to a “blue book” for instruments where we would could look up a value for your brand and model.

Please Call First

It’s worth gathering some information first before you come and visit us. Most of the time an accurate assessment of your instrument requires a repair technician to see it in person. However, your situation might be such that we can give you all the information you need over the phone. It’s certainly worth the time to call us first. If you are gathering information for legal reasons, such as a homeowner’s claim, they might require documentation outside what we are able to provide, since we are not “official” appraisers here. Always feel free to call or email Erin with any questions!